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AddBIO: The next generation of coated implants, strengthening the bone and reducing the risk for bacterial infections!

The key to dental implant success is to achieve implant stability and to avoid bacterial infectionsAddBIO has developed a new type of implant, coated with a nano-layer of a drug, helping to solve both these problems!  

Picture_blog postUntil recently, dental implants were limited to patients with good bone quality. Today, implants are commonly used on a wider group, including high-risk patients with compromised bone quality, estimated to approximately 20% of all patients. High risk patients include smokers, patients with bruxism (teeth grinding and jaw clenching), diabetics, etc. For dental implants, compromised bone increases the waiting time for loading, as well as the risk of infections and failures. As a result, cases of implant loosening or implant failures are quite frequent1: 

  • in case of immediate implant loading – 22.5% 
  • in case of diabetes  28.6% 
  • in case of bruxism – 29.3% 

All of these problems cause pain, need for re-operation and generate additional costs for patients, dentists and health care systems.

New trends increase the risk for implant failures 

Historically, only well-trained dentists performed implant surgery. The healing time was normally minimum 3-6 months. Today the picture is quite different. For example the healing time is shortened to accelerate patient satisfaction, improved aesthetics is requested and the trend moves toward allowing implantation in high-risk patients with bad bone quality. These factors involve higher risk of failures and complications, and failures are costly to the dentist. both from the aspect of visits during a guarantee period and from the risk of lowering their reputation and thereby losing customers. 

AddBIO has developed a novel nano-technology, Zolidd® 

To solve the key problems of the implant industry – strengthening the bone to improve implant stability and at the same time reduce the risk of bacterial infections, AddBIO has developed Zolidd®.
The Zolidd® technology uses a multilayer protein matrix of fibrinogen that is adhered to the metal surface of an implant and can incorporate and transport drug particles for release in contact with body fluids. A number of pre-clinical and clinical studies show that coating the titanium implant with Zolidd® both strengthens the bone and preserve the marginal bone and thereby allows for enhanced fixation strength, reduced healing time, reduced risk for bacterial infections and improved patient quality of life 

A smooth surface to change the negative trend of bacterial infections (peri-implantitis)  

During the last decade, all main suppliers of dental implants have launched new implants with rougher surfaces, which have been shown to improve initial fixation. However, the new rough surfaces have also shown to harvest bacteria, causing infections (periimplantitis) and loss of bone  around the implant in the long term. Currently, there are no competitors on the market that like Zolidd® Dental, can offer an implant with a combination of a smother surface and an add-on/coating solution, leading to both good initial fixation and reduced risk of bacterial infections. Zolidd® Dental is a first-of-its kind solution that improves bone stability that can safely treat high-risk patients and will improve quality of life for a large group of patients. 

Benefits for the patient 

Benefits for the patient includes a more rapid implant stability, reduced healing time and early loading, which shortens the time needed to regain full normal chewing function. Reduced risk of bacterial infections, implant cut-outs, loosening, re-operations and cost savings related to a reduced number of failures are also of benefit to the patient. Function is important but aesthetic solutions is also of outmost importance today. The preservation of marginal bone that Zolidd® provides is a prerequisite for aesthetic solutions.  

Benefits for the dentist 

For the dentist, Zolidd® will reinforce the safety especially in difficult cases such as compromised bone. This includes for example diabetic patients, osteoporotic patients and smokers. It will be in particular beneficial for inexperienced surgeons (surgeons with less than five years experience has five times more failures). Less complications and a faster rehabilitation mean better and faster return of investment. There is no change in surgical techniques which means safety. Studies have shown that more marginal bone will be saved. This is important for implant stability and gives better possibility for aesthetic restorations.  

AddBIO improving the success in implant surgery - summary 

AddBIOs mission is to improve success in implant surgery by introducing Zolidd®. Zolidd® is the first technology available for adding a nano-layer coating of a drug on the implant surface for instant release, to:  

  • strengthening the bone surrounding the implant 
  • reduce the risk for bacterial infections 
  • enhance the aesthetics result, by keeping the marginal bone.  

AddBIO’s short-term strategy is to launch Zolidd® Dental as a standard treatment for patients with compromised bone. The long-term vision is that Zolidd® will be a standard for all dental and orthopaedic implants, to increase implant stability and to reduce risks.  

AddBIO is currently following a medical device pathway for CE marking and FDA approval After 10 years of research within the company, AddBIO is working towards CE approval and market introduction of its first product, Zolidd® Dental, in 2H 2020. AddBIO plan to commercialize a full dental platform with Zolidd® coated implants. The implants will be fully compatible with commonly used dental crowns, prosthodontics and dental technology. Implants with the Zolidd® technology is therefore expected to become a game changer for dentistry, disrupting the market for dental implants. Zolidd® Dental is our proof-of-concept. After that we will develop the orthopedic indication that is 10 times larger 

AddBIO is private company based in Linköping, SwedenThe AddBIO team consists of a number of medical and dental professionals, scientists, material specialists, and management and board professionals with extensive experience in their respective fields.  

1Loma Linda, Immediate loading, Jorl, Vol. XXXVIII/Special Issues No. One/2012

Interested in Learning More?

AddBio's CEO, Ulf Sewerin, will present the company at the 2nd Annual LSX Nordic Congress on Thursday, August 29th at 14.15.  

Check out all of the latest news about the LSX Nordic Congress here.  

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