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Enzyre B.V. Series A fund raising

Enzyre B.V. is developing a handheld, battery powered, diagnostic platform for near patient testing. Individual self-tests are performed using a disposable microfluidic cartridge that includes all the required reagents (“ENZYCARD”) in combination with a small battery powered processor (“ENZYPAD”). The initial target market is monitoring of blood coagulation, with a first application being developed for Hemophilia patients. This first product will determine factor VIII levels as well as thrombin generation, making it the preferred tool to determine the status of blood coagulation, independent of the medication used.

After a short training, a patients’ physician will approve the use of the device for self-testing. Once the patient is able to monitor his blood coagulation at home, the results, transferred wireless to his physician, will allow, based on real data, and without having to request the patient to come to the hospital, to make treatment adjustments.

Advantages to patients are improved treatment without visiting the out-patient clinic, supported by adequate physician’s assistance based on real data. The benefit to payers is reduced costs because of optimal treatment resulting in less hospital admissions and less disabilities caused by bleeds.

Additional ENYCARD products will thereafter be developed for critical care and anti-thrombotics, major markets with high medical need where near patient tests can save lives.

The ENZYPAD and ENZYCARD are based on Enzyre’s proprietary chemiluminescence technology, including patent protected enzyme substrates. In general, an enzyme of the blood coagulation cascade removes a protective group from its selective substrate leading to the generation of light that is detected using ultra-sensitive diode arrays that are manufactured in large scale by a major semi-conductor partner. The light detection system and analysis software have already been extensively tested with clinical samples. Also, the biological assays for the first product, the ENZYCARD Hemophilia A, have been successfully developed on low microliter scale. The remaining project risk is in the development of the microfluidic cartridge that harbors the different assay components and up to 16 detection chambers, allowing for the analysis of multiple parameters and corresponding controls using a minute amount of blood. The commercial risks for the Hemophilia project are limited as Enzyre has granted a major pharma company in the field of hemostasis a worldwide license to the product.

Enzyre is now initiating its Series A financing round with the aim of raising €10M.

Use of proceeds are (a) development of the ENZYCARD Hemophilia A, (b) initiation development of the ENZYCARD Critical Care, (c) building quality system, and (d) perform studies to validate the ENZYCARD Hemophilia A towards regulatory approval in US & EU.

For more information please contact CEO Dirk Pollet at dirk@enzyre.com.

Enzyre are one of our presenting companies at the Inv€$tival Showcase 2019. Full details are available at www.lsxleaders.com/investival-showcase

Dirk Pollet
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