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Micregen: a paradigm shift in stem cell science

Micregen Ltd 

Privately funded to date, Micregen worked out of the public eye for five years, to develop what our team of scientists believe to be a paradigm shift in stem cell science. We believe our approach has the potential to be one of the most disruptive medical innovations of our time.

The founder's lifetime work, in cutting-edge biological, regenerative medicine, has already saved lives and world-famous sporting careers, through the novel use of autologous stem-cell-derived, yet stem-cell-free therapeutics. 

With in-house expertise gained over 100 years of combined bioscience R&D experience, Micregen is harnessing this paradigm shift, to develop, cost-effective, proprietary allogeneic therapies for multiple degenerative and inflammatory conditions.  


Micregen’s Chief Scientist had a eureka moment in 1993 when he discovered that stem cells can be used as means to produce an effective stem-cell-free therapy.  Since then, his unique treatment has been used for numerous patients, including professional sportsmen. Many with challenging injuries and degenerative diseases.  

On founding Micregen, our team have focussed on how to mediate regeneration and rejuvenation of organs and ameliorate diseases.  

This work has, we believe, established what activates repair of damaged cells, reduces inflammation and scarring, improves blood flow and generates a pro regenerative micro-environment in organs and tissue.  

The principal modes of action in repairing and regenerating tissue are through: Increased angiogenesis, decreased inflammation, anti-apoptotic and chemotactic signalling, activation of resident stem cell and tissue specific progenitor cell populations, and the beneficial remodelling of the extracellular matrix. 

The result being, where there was previously only damaged and degenerative tissue, optimal regenerative capacity should be achieved. Our research to date makes us believe that Micregen’s therapeutics could be more attractive, less invasive, more efficacious, and have the potential to offer safer alternatives to stem cell transplantation in multiple conditions. 

A second eureka moment happened when it was determined how such autologous treatments could be translated to a cell free allogenic therapy. This discovery provides the basis for Micregen to have the potential to produce an allogenic, cell free therapy, in scalable volume, that doesn’t require tissue matching and minimises the risk of Graft Versus Host Disease.  

We’ve since built a proprietary technology, which forms the basis on which to develop cost-effective allogeneic therapies for multiple degenerative and inflammatory conditions with the aim to support healthy-ageing. 

The first therapeutic target indication is planned to be in clinical trials in 2022. Our initial targets were strategically chosen due to the shared pathology across many prevalent medical indications. These pathologies include:  

Failure of endogenous stem cell population 
Extracellular protein aggregation 
Intra cellular junk protein accumulation 
Mitochondrial failure/mutation 
Cellular senescence/quiescence 
Immune dysfunction  

Regenerative Process

Delivery may be via multiple routes- Injected intravenously, subcutaneously, intramuscularly or intra nasal routes.  

Once the therapeutic identifies and homes into damage, optimised aspects of the therapeutic fuse with damaged cells to deliver their cargo of repair factors.   

This stimulates the body’s natural healing processes and resident cell population to proliferate and migrate to damage. 

Furthermore, damaged cells receiving the therapeutic are stimulated to repair damage. 

The outcome leads to damaged cells reverting to functioning tissue.  

Moreover, poisonous cells that have built up in damaged tissue are removed, cellular debris removed, and inflammatory damage reduced. 

The result being, where there was previously only damaged and degenerative tissue, optimal regenerative capacity should be achieved. 

Target Market

The first target orphan indications have been strategically chosen for the potential to be fast tracked through the regulatory process plus there are many correlated indications that are considerably more prevalent.   

The regulatory pathway is clearly defined, and licensors are currently being targeted. (Further details provided under NDA) 

After applying industry standard principles for drug distribution, across seven accepted global regions, and following detailed industry research to determine prevalence, market size, time of entry and penetration, the market for Micregen’s first two orphan designated target indications equates to target sales of over £5B over the therapeutic lifetime.


To date, along with our friends and Angels, we’ve raised over £4m as and when needed. We’ve also been awarded an Innovate UK grant, and are debt free.  

As one would expect, Micregen has very tight financial management, and clear value inflection points. By managing cash very carefully, and with relatively little, we’ve made significant progress. 

A group structure, with assets within subsidiaries, provides us with the flexibility to partner, obtain investment, license, divest or IPO at group or subsidiary level, as Micregen grows. 

In March 2020, we’re completing another EIS qualifying raise of £2-6m to progress through clear milestones toward the clinic, to build value prior to engaging licensors or completing an IPO. We look forward to contact from potential investors wishing to join in.  

Senior Team Includes

Barry Sharples, CEO- Founded, built, bought and sold businesses over 30yrs through to sale and IPO. Gaining business and entrepreneur of the year awards along the way. 

Jim Curtis, Operations Director- Track record of success in pharma. Responsible for the world’s bestselling drug at Abbot. Founding director of Clinigen and senior management at AstraZeneca. 

Joanne Kelley, Business Development Director- Diverse experience of leading buy and sell side life sciences deals including M&A, licensing, collaboration and divestments. Her track record includes leading transformational, high value transactions for AstraZeneca.  

Dr Ray, PhD, CSO- Over 25yrs experience in the clinical application of stem cell secretomes. Presented over one hundred papers at international scientific conferences, many as Key Opinion Leader. Already translated his research through to proven clinical practice. 

Prof Patel, PhD, Director of R&D- Professor of Regenerative Medicine and Head of Molecular and Cellular Medicine, University of Reading. Over 25yrs research experience working on stem cells with the key aim of utilising them to treat human diseases.  

Peter Ormerod, NED- Built family business to over 400 stores nationwide, recognised as the largest hearing aid and audiology provider in the UK. Sold the business, and following its partial acquisition by Boots, went on to Chair Boots Hearing Aid Care. 

Advisory Board Includes- 

Prof. Alan Boyd, Acting Chief Medical Officer- recent Past President of the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine at the Royal College of Physicians. He and his consultancy have registered more than 40 novel compounds including gene therapies and first in class compounds in the EU and USA. 

Prof. Kate Costeloe, Advisory Board Chair- Retired as Professor of Paediatrics at Queen Mary University of London, Professor of Paediatrics at Barts and the London Hospitals and Honorary Consultant Neonatologist at Homerton University Hospital, London. 

Prof De Coppi, MD PhD, Senior Consultant- Professor of Paediatric Surgery at University College London and Great Ormond Street Hospital. Divisional Head at The Institute for Child Health.  

Barry Sharples
Written By

Micregen are presenting at the LSX World Congress, 2020. Check out their event profile and website

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