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Surgify - Groundbreaking tissue selective bone cutting technology

Unique safety technology based on a clever innovation can save billions of euros and lives

Over the years, experienced surgeons have developed skills to perform extraordinary operations without mistakes. Despite this, surgical operations involving bone cutting always carry risk and often lead to soft tissue injuries. Most devastating complications are related to operations in the head, neck and spine areas. Millions of such operations are performed every year and various clinical studies indicate that the risk of soft tissue injury can be over 10 %. Soft tissue injuries during bone cutting lead to unnecessary hospitalization costs, loss of work time, and, in the worst cases, permanent disability or death.

Surgify’s mission is to make bone surgery safer in operating rooms around the globe. The revolutionary Surgify Safety Burr enables surgeons to cut bone safely, accurately and quickly without compromising the safety of important soft structures. The core innovation is in the mechanisms of a disposable cutting tip of a surgical drill. Surgify Safety Burr automatically covers the cutting edge of the small drill tip when it comes into contact with soft tissue. It is simple, but very clever.

World-famous neurosurgeon and Professor Emeritus Juha Hernesniemi: “Breakthrough!”

Surgify seems to make the impossible possible - it combines the best aspects of its two main competitors - the safety of ultrasound technology with the speed and effectiveness of conventional surgical drills. Ultrasound is capable of protecting soft tissues, but requires rigorous training and high initial investment. Surgify is the only safety burr with innovative and simple mechanical design, which is also compatible with existing equipment.

Surgify has successfully tested the technology in preclinical setups with human and animal cadavers. Non-clinical trials performed by surgeons demonstrate that the Safety Burr technology can realistically reduce the risk of soft tissue injuries by 80% - 91%. Academic research shows that patients without dural tears recover 13% - 27% better and have 42% - 97% less complications.

Significant business opportunity with recognition from customers, media and investors

The surgical power tool market is worth €1.5B annually on a global scale. Out of this, €1.2B are disposable attachment sales (conventional burrs). The first target applications are skull, spine and ear procedures, which account for 55% of the disposable attachment market (est. €640M). Surgify has multiple ongoing pilots and signed letters of intent worth €355k / year. In the future, Surgify can expand to other fields of surgery by scaling into other sizes of safety burrs or through technology licensing. The target of Surgify is to reach sales of 35-50M euros by 2025 with profits of 15-25M euros.

Visa Sippola
Written By

Surgify are presenting to our audience of investors at the LSX Nordic Congress. Check out their profile here.

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