8 reasons Age-Tech is the new Fin-Tech

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Why Age-Tech is the new Fin-Tech

1. Fin-tech start-ups have exploded in value to +$250B, annual financing growing 20x to $40B
2. The UK has over-performed in Fin-tech by harnessing London’s role as global finance epicentre and ‘tech’ centre, and via depth across all financing stages
3. ‘Age-tech’ could explode to comparable or even larger size to Fin-Tech. +$20 trillion in global spend, growing to $30 trillion by 2025
4. Top 10 US tech firms easily generate $300B in Age-tech today, will likely gain share to 2025
5. This progression has happened in 5-6 years, faster even that the overall rate of tech growth
6. In contrast, the UK has lagged in the Prop-tech sector (Since 2011, 18x growth to $18B), despite a strong property tradition, suggesting no vertical can be taken for granted
7. Digitization could grow from 4% to 10% by 2025, Age-tech thus $800B to $3 Trillion
8. UK Age-tech VC-backed revenue could grow to $5B (10x today) by 2025 (global market $50B)

These thoughts and more why discussed at a Longevity Dividend Round Table event held in June in London and put together by Dominic Endicott, Partner, 4GEN Ventures.

It brought together UK business leaders from the worlds of insurance, tech, healthcare, utilities and more to explore private sector response and the business opportunity offered by an ageing society.

A full report of participants and major themes discussed is available here - Longevity Dividend Round Table Report

Age-Tech is a key theme of Longevity Leaders. They are a global network of influential leaders from the worlds of ageing science, consumer products, finance, technology and investment. Our events sit at the centre of a global ecosystem, connecting people, knowledge and investment in emerging longevity sectors. Our mission is to advance innovations that will extend human health span and enable financial, physical and mental wellness in later life.

Find out more here - www.longevityleaders.com
Dominic Endicott
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