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Introducing DigiHealth Insider

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Welcome to The DigiHealth Insider, your weekly catch-up on all that’s innovative in the in the world of digital health. 

  • We’ll kick off with Chris LeGrand, Brigit Helms and Robin Young’s brilliant investigation into the funding gaps faced by the international development community’s healthcare focused projects. Capital is flowing globally into the healthcare industry, but they shine a light on a few often
    appreciated complications: private money, it seems, is increasingly concentrated in unexpected projects such as trade hubs and hygiene centric initiatives, rather than direct health initiatives.

  • In other news, the APAC region continues to lead the way in the development of the digital hospital, with Tan Tock Seng Hospital, the largest hospital in the Singaporean National Healthcare Group announcing that its new C3 (command, control and communications) system will go live in the third quarter of this year, introducing advanced analytics to pre-empt potentially avoidable situations, as well as achieve a superior level of integration with the regional health system.   
  • On the start-side, however, it’s arguably Israel that continues to lead the digital health field, its start-up ecosystem already raising having raised $214m in the first quarter of this year, against a total of $511m in financing last year. Orbimed MD Anat Naschitz gives a great overview of the small but innovation nation’s USPs for health tech focused investors. 

  • Pivoting to the ever-valuable private payer perspective, ‘The right care, at the right time’ features Peter Mills, Associate Medical Director at Cigna, outlining the US giant’s current areas of focus. At the top of the agenda we find the familiar themes of population health, more affordable coverage, and encouragement of wellness culture. Reflecting the industry’s broader shift toward preventative healthcare, Mills sees more proactive approaches to health as the most vital factor in the modern healthcare discussion.   

  • Since it’s fun to end with something a little unusual, I thought I’d add a note about the recent successes of Nightware, the start-up that aims to detect and interrupt nightmares in PTSD sufferers. The FDA has now granted the company’s Apple Watch application “breakthrough therapy” status, a formal recognition which will accelerate clinical validation and facilitate faster commercialisation.  

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