Confirmed Showcase Presentations

Day 1 - November 13

AIVF 300x

Day 1 - 17.22


In the world today over 2.4M IVF treatments are performed annually to help couples overcome extremely...

Company Profile
Beaconcure 300x

Day 1 - 16.34


The integrity of clinical data, in regulatory submissions in particular, is a critical hurdle that...

Company Profile
Biobeat 300x200

Day 1 - 16.10


BioBeat develops a cutting edge solution for non-invasive accurate medical-grade monitoring of vital...

Company Profile
Dovetail Lab 300x
Dovetail Lab

Alexandra Eavis, CEO

Day 1 - 14.12


Dovetail Lab is developing blockchain applications for the healthcare sector....

Company Profile
Eye Control 300x
Eye Control

Or Retzkin, CEO

Day 1 - 12.06


EyeFree Assisting Technology Ltd was established January 2016, but the idea was formed...

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Flo Health
Flo Health

Dmitry Gurski, CEO

Day 1 - 12.30


Flo Health is a developer of Flo, the fastest growing AI-driven women’s health...

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Hit Foundation 300x
Hit Foundation

Vega Paithankar, CEO

Day 1 - 12.42


The Health Information Traceability (HIT) Foundation offers a blockchain-based...

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IBEX 300x
Ibex Medical Analytics

Joseph Mossel, CEO

Day 1 - 15.12


Ibex is the pioneer in applying computational pathology to cancer diagnostics. The...

Company Profile

Yitzi Pfeffer, Co-Founder

Day 1 - 14.24


Visiba Care is an e-health platform that allows healthcare providers...

Mobile ODT

Day 1 - 14.00


5 billion people around the world have little or no access to advanced medical treatment.

Lack of...

Company Profile

Day 1 - 17.46


Nucleai is an AI healthcare startup in the field of pathology. Our mission, expertise, and passion are...

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Oxitone Medical

Day 1 - 14.36


Patients with the chronic diseases are at permanent risk of acute pulmonary or cardiac dysfunction and...

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Sonaris 300x

Tom Mayblum, Co-Founder & CEO

Time TBC


Sonaris introduces the AI-enabled ultrasound – offering on-demand medical...

Tilak Healthcare

Edouard Gasser, Co-Founder & CEO

Day 1 - 14.48


Visiba Care is an e-health platform that allows healthcare...

Tytocare 300x

Day 1 - 12.18


Tyto Care is transforming primary care by putting health in the hands of consumers. We seamlessly...

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VR Health 300x
XR Health

Day 1 - 11.42


XRHealth creates an XR Platform combining Medical applications with advanced data analytics, providing...

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Visiba Care
Visiba Care

Johan Gustafsson, CEO

Day 1 - 11.54


Visiba Care is an e-health platform that allows healthcare providers to...

Company Profile

Day 2 - November 14

Sivan 300x-1
Sivan Innovation

Day 2 - 11.20


SIVAN Innovation is an Israeli e-health R&D company committed to improving the lives of patients...

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