Why it’s needed

Supporting female-founded health and life sciences companies

Female Founders is designed to connect female-founded health and life science companies with LSX’s network of investors and experienced life science professionals, provide the resources to help women raise more capital and facilitate knowledge-sharing between founders and industry veterans.

Why are we here?

  • To stimulate investment in female-founded health and life sciences companies in Europe, by connecting them with LSX’s existing network of 10,000 investors

  • To connect women with experienced health and life sciences industry professionals for mentoring, knowledge-exchange and networking

  • To provide a network for women in health and life sciences to share ideas, ask questions and make the connections needed to grow their business

Why are we needed?

  • For every £1 of VC investment raised in the UK in 2018, all-female founder teams got 1p, all-male founder teams got 89p, and mixed-gender teams got 10p.

  • Female founders received just 2.7% of all venture capital investment in 2019. This was billed as a win.

  • In the US, female-founded companies closed 0.5% less of all VC rounds in 2020 compared with 2019.

  • Closing the entrepreneurship gender gap could boost global GDP by up to $5 Trillion.