What’s next in women’s health:
The biggest innovation opportunities for 2022

Thursday, September 30th 15:00-16:00 BST



The last five years have seen a significant increase in women’s health research and investment. Emerging technologies are enabling new opportunities to address the gaps in women’s health, while Femtech start-ups are beginning to tackle traditionally taboo subjects such as menstruation, menopause, and sexual wellness. However, in order to be successful, women’s health companies must continue to evolve.

What are the future innovation opportunities that will have the biggest impact on the female population? And how can you ensure your solution will be commercially successful?

  • Exploring the evolving women’s health landscape

  • Defining the biggest innovation opportunities for 2022

  • Discussing the keys to developing commercially successful women’s health solutions

Hear from:

Erica Kantor, Head of Women’s Health, Sagentia Innovation
Erica Kantor, Head of Women’s Health, Sagentia Innovation


As Head of Women's Health at Sagentia Innovation, Erica’s mission is to help companies design breakthrough solutions that will change the future of healthcare. She is particularly passionate about improving patient outcomes through holistic, user-centric design across the full spectrum of women’s health.

Sagentia Innovation is a global science, product, and technology development company. Our goal is to help companies maximize the value of their investments in R&D. We partner with clients in the medical, consumer, industrial, and food & beverage sectors to help them understand the technology and market landscape, decide their future strategy, solve complex science and technology challenges, and deliver commercially successful products.

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