Review the virtual event platform

Turns out not all virtual platforms are created equal when it comes to the functionality and ease of use for online events. That's why we've spent the last 18 months honing our platform to ensure it is fit for purpose, and contains the right level of features to allow you to get the most out of the event without adding the headache of learning yet another online platform.

We're confident that our platform delivers many of the benefits you have come to expect from a physical event, and some you didn't. We invite you to explore.

Browser-based - no downloads or plugins required
All-in-one - integrated content, showcase streaming, video meetings and secure messaging in one place
Unrivalled profiling - up to 15 data points collected at registration on each attendee, made available for indepth search and evaluation from interested parties
Personalised profile - edit your visible profile to ensure your profile truly represents your aims and objectives at the event
Visible attendee lists - filter through hundreds of attendees, connect and invite for formal 1:1 video meetings
24hr meeting slots - arrange video 1:1s across multiple timezones with up to 48 x 30mins slot each day
Connect informally - private messaging is available with the ability to share documents or contact details outside of video 1:1s
Personalised agenda - bookmark and build your own personal schedule of agenda content to ensure you never miss a session
Follow up - export your connections to allow for continued post-event, off platform conversations
Platform access is provided approx. 10 days in advance of the event date to allow for the setting up of your profile, building your personal agenda, searching the attendee list and sending connection and meeting requests that take place between the 11-15th October.

Still need convincing? Watch the 2min video walkthrough here.



Filterable and Bookmarkable Agenda

Never miss a session and avoid overlaps to maximise your time online


Femtech Leaders Agenda

Visible Attendee Lists with 1:1 Scheduling

Quickly and effortlessly search hundreds of qualified executives and connect


Femtech Leaders Attendees

Enhanced Company Showcase Profiling

Deliver news and deal flow in the most effective way possible for maximum exposure


Femtech Leaders Showcase

Editable and Searchable Personal Profile

Present you and your company for optimal search and evaluation


Femtech Leaders Personal

Interactive Virtual Partner Exhibition

Find solution providers to help you with strategic and operational challenges



Personalised Schedule Building

Efficiently manage your schedule, meetings, connections and bookmarks 


Femtech Leaders Schedule

Please note the above images are illustrative only and are representative of the virtual platform, and not specifically that of Femtech Leaders.