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Food biotech ingredients, plant-based foods, fermentation and more

LSX are an influential community of senior executives in the biotech, nutrition, and healthcare sector. Our history and track record is in connecting senior executives in the consumer health and biotechnology space with access to the capital, intelligence, innovation, and partners they need to grow their businesses.

We’ve achieved this through a programme of high-level conferences and networking events, via content that showcases and shares their expertise, as well as through bespoke initiatives like reports, survey and white papers. We’re now bringing these ideas, expertise and contacts to the emerging Food Biotech industry.

It’s an exciting time for the food and beverage industry. Alongside government authorities, the industry is actively debating food sources, ingredient innovation and the need for more sustainable or healthier products.

Last week (July 2021) the UK National Food Strategy recommended stricter reformulation of the sugar and salt tax. It is clear that consumers are driving this rapid change; the revolution in the food industry over the last 18months with the rapid increase in awareness of and demand for plant-based products is one that cannot be ignored.

But how close is the industry to providing more alternative food ingredients?

Emerging ingredient companies are using biotech and cellular based approaches to provide the industry with plant-based proteins. Further innovations are driving forward in the food pillars of fat, sugar, salt, fibres, and micronutrients to develop products that mimic traditional taste texture profiles as well as provide healthier products.

The congress is a showcase, marketplace and 1:1 meeting platform for the intersection between food and biotechnology. There’s interactive technical hubs and discussion opportunities for those new to the field, investing or looking to align their technologies. There’s closed-group business hub sessions for emerging companies to access tips and tricks within this fast-paced industry and build long lasting relationships with the right partners.

The industry is moving to a holistic approach to food innovation. Whether your interest is cultivated fat, fermentation protein-based sugar, cost effective food grade bioprocessing techniques or the future supply chain infrastructure, our agenda is led by those that have forged a path to the top and can help you navigate your own path. Those in the thick of the industry right now can share fresh ideas for you to incorporate into your plans.

You will have access to a powerful networking tool to enable you to make the best connections quickly and easily. All attendees answer profiling questions to ensure wherever you are in your industry journey you will be matched with the right investors, potential partners and/or service providers to help solve your current and future challenges.

If you are active, offer or are interested in Food Biotech in the following subsegments, this event is for you:

  • Alternative fats
  • Alternative proteins
  • Cell-based
  • Cell lines and cell culture
  • Cultivated food
  • Dairy replacement
  • Fats and oil
  • Fermentation based ingredients
  • Flavour & fragrance
  • Hybrid plant-based proteins
  • Low Salt taste innovation
  • Plant-based
  • Proactive fibre & micronutrient replacements
  • Salt replacement
  • Snacks / confectionary
  • Sugar reduction substitutes and sweeteners

Why are we different?

  • The Food Biotech Congress is not another alternative protein, plant-based conference or generic food technology or bulk buy ingredients event. Instead, it’s a next-gen ingredients forum for senior executives covering the critical business dynamics and taste, texture and nutrition challenges from biotech and cell-based approaches across the main food pillars (Fat, Protein, Sugar and Salt).

  • Spotlighting companies solely at the disruptive intersection between food and biotech. Including cultivated food, digital sensory, fermentation and bio-manufacturing developing functional ingredients to tackle not only developing cost effective sustainable food products to satisfy the consumer trend with traditional profiles but also address the growing consumer need to deliver more healthier options.

  • Proven track record in building executive level communities across the biotech, nutrition, health and wellness industries. Enabling food innovators, CPG/FMCG, ingredient suppliers, plant-based companies, manufacturers and investors to find the right partner and grow long-lasting relationships.

We hope you can join us to Connect with a PurposeTM.