Meet the speakers

Next-gen ingredients, plant-based foods, fermentation and more


Juan Aguiriano, Group Head Sustainability, Technology Ventures, Kerry Group

Juan Aguiriano

Group Head Sustainability, Technology Ventures
Kerry Group
Sujala Balaji, Founder and CEO, Rainfed Foods

Sujala Balaji

Founder and CEO
Rainfed Foods
Brian Chau, Food Systems Analyst, Chau Time

Brian Chau

Food Systems Analyst
Chau Time
Sharon Cittone, Founder & CEO, Edible Planet Ventures

Sharon Cittone

Founder & CEO
Edible Planet Ventures
Laura Clark, Entrepreneurship Specialist, The Good Food Institute

Laura Clark

Entrepreneurship Specialist
The Good Food Institute
Austin Cloves, Fundraising and Science Lead, The Good Food Institute

Austin Cloves

Fundraising and Science Lead
The Good Food Institute
Vítor Espírito Santo, Director of Cellular Agriculture, Eat Just

Vítor Espírito Santo

Director of Cellular Agriculture
Eat Just
Brian Frank, General Partner, FTW Ventures

Brian Frank

General Partner
FTW Ventures
Irina Gerry, CMO, Change Foods

Irina Gerry

Change Foods
Mauro Guercia, Head of Business Development, Mushlabs

Mauro Guercia

Head of Business Development
Alexander Hoffmann, Managing Partner, KSV

Alexander Hoffmann

Managing Partner
Gil Horsky, Director of Innovation, Mondelez International

Gil Horsky

Director of Innovation
Mondelez International
Rodrigo Hortega de Velasco, Head of Investments, Doehler Ventures

Rodrigo Hortega de Velasco

Head of Investments
Döhler Ventures
Jen-Yu Huang, Founder, Lypid

Jen-Yu Huang

Tim Ingmire, SVP R&D, Quorn Foods

Tim Ingmire

Quorn Foods
Adam Janczuk, R&D, Nourish Division, IFF

Adam Janczuk

Vice President, R&D, Nourish Division
Ahmed Khan, Founder, Cell Agri

Ahmed Khan

Cell Agri
Jim Laird, CEO, Enough Foods

Jim Laird

Enough Foods
Michael Leonard, Chief Technology Officer, Motif FoodWorks

Michael Leonard

Chief Technology Officer
Motif FoodWorks
Chenfeng Lu, Founder & CEO, Fybraworks Foods

Chenfeng Lu

Founder & CEO
Fybraworks Foods
José Luis Cabañero, CEO, Eatable Adventures

José Luis Cabañero

Eatable Adventures
Katherine Mace, Start-up Program Manager, Nestle Research

Katherine Mace

Start-up Program Manager
Nestle Research
Nigyar Makhmudova, Chief Growth Officer, Danone

Nigyar Makhmudova

Chief Growth Officer
Dikla Malter, Director of Investments & Partnerships, The Kitchen Hub

Dikla Malter

Director of Investments & Partnerships
The Kitchen Hub
Tom Mastrobuoni, Chief Investment Officer, Big Idea Ventures

Tom Mastrobuoni

Chief Investment Officer
Big Idea Ventures
Scott May, Head of MISTA, Givaudan

Scott May

Head of MISTA
Ari Melamud, CEO, DouxMatok

Ari Melamud

Taly Nechushtan, CEO, Innovopro

Taly Nechushtan

Sean OSullivan, Managing General Partner, SOSV

Sean O'Sullivan

Managing General Partner
Marcel Oogink, Managing Director & Founder, Duplaco

Marcel Oogink

Managing Director & Founder
Ranjan Patnaik, Chief Technology Officer, The EVERY Company

Ranjan Patnaik

Chief Technology Officer
The EVERY Company
Nancy Rawson, Associate Director and Vice President, Monell Chemical Senses Center

Nancy Rawson

Associate Director and Vice President
Monell Chemical Senses Center
Eyal Rivlin, VP Production and Operations, Aleph Farms

Eyal Rivlin

VP Production and Operations
Aleph Farms
Ilan Samish, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Amai Proteins

Ilan Samish

Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Amai Proteins
Josh Silverman, CEO, Aromyx

Josh Silverman

Caroline Sorlin, Plant-Based Acceleration Unit General Manager, Bel Group

Caroline Sorlin

Plant-Based Acceleration Unit General Manager
Bel Group
Sunil Kumar Sukumaran, Chief Technology Officer, Perfect Day

Sunil Kumar Sukumaran

Chief Technology Officer
Perfect Day
Shannon Theobald, Principle, Theobald Alternative Protein Consultancy

Shannon Theobald

Theobald Alternative Protein Consultancy
Andrew Towle, General Partner, Next Gen Nutrition Investment Partners

Andrew Towle

General Partner
Next Gen Nutrition Investment Partners
Tomas Turner, Co-founder, Cultivated

Tomas Turner

Ernst Van Orsouw, CEO, Roslin Technologies

Ernst Van Orsouw

Roslin Technologies
Minerve Vicente, International R&D Director Taste Elevation & FS, Kraft Heinz Company

Minerve Vicente

International R&D Director Taste Elevation & FS
Kraft Heinz Company
Zak Weston, Foodservice & Supply Chain Manager, The Good Food Institute

Zak Weston

Foodservice & Supply Chain Manager
The Good Food Institute
Karl Williams, Group Technical Director, The Meatless Farm Co

Karl Williams

Group Technical Director
The Meatless Farm Co
Paddy Willis, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder, Mission Ventures

Paddy Willis

Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder
Mission Ventures
Amir Zaidman, VP Business Development, The Kitchen Hub

Amir Zaidman

VP Business Development
The Kitchen Hub