Healthspan Show


10-14 May 2021
Delivered Virtually

In partnership with    Longevity Leaders World Congress

Created by    LSX Leaders


Longevity meets wellness

The COVID-19 pandemic has reinforced the importance of maintaining our health throughout our lives. Now, more than ever, the risk of chronic disease or unhealthy lifestyle is having a direct impact on individual longevity.

As we look to a future beyond the pandemic it is imperative that we explore how to harness wellness and wellbeing to live longer, healthier lives. Businesses, healthcare systems and consumers all have a role to play in a global transformation to better health.

The Healthspan Show will bring them together, promoting innovative platforms, stimulating investment and uptake, sharing latest research and driving workplace engagement. We hope you’ll join us.

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A business conference, showcase and exhibition for leaders and influencers in the wellness and longevity sectors

Meet the speakers

Daniel Grubbs, Managing Director, PepsiCo Ventures

Daniel Grubbs

Managing Director
, PepsiCo Ventures
David Evendon-Challis, Head of R&D and Chief Scientific Officer, Bayer Consumer Health

David Evendon-Challis

Head of R&D and Chief Scientific Officer
Bayer Consumer Health
Susan Nicholson, Vice President, Women’s Health, Johnson & Johnson

Susan Nicholson

Vice President, Women’s Health
Johnson & Johnson
Marie Laure Mahe, Vice President Business Development, Europe, Essity Ventures

Marie Laure Mahe

Vice President Business Development, Europe
Essity Ventures
Stephanie Manson-Brown, Head of Clinical Development, Allergan

Stephanie Manson-Brown

Head of Clinical Development
Alexia Inge, Co-Founder and Co-CEO, Cult Beauty

Alexia Inge

Co-Founder and Co-CEO
Cult Beauty
Colin Watts, CEO, Juvenescence Life

Colin Watts

Juvenescence Life
Eric Marcotulli, CEO, Elysium

Eric Marcotulli

Naveen Jain, CEO, Viome

Naveen Jain

Jay Ell-Alexander, Owner and CEO, BlackGirlsRUN!

Jay Ell-Alexander

Owner and CEO
Michèle Evrard, Founder, ME Skin Lab

Michèle Evrard

ME Skin Lab
Carolina Reis Oliveira, CEO, OneSkin

Carolina Reis Oliveira

Cyril Ebersweiler, Founder, HAX; General Partner, SOSV

Cyril Ebersweiler

Founder, HAX
General Partner, SOSV
Anula Jayasuriya, Founder and Managing Director, EXXclaim Capital

Anula Jayasuriya

Founder and Managing Director
EXXclaim Capital
Barbara Paldus, Managing Partner, Sekhmet Ventures

Barbara Paldus

Managing Partner
Sekhmet Ventures
Louis Bedwell, Founder, Mission Ventures and The Good Food Fund

Louis Bedwell

Mission Ventures and The Good Food Fund
Guido Hegener, Managing Partner, Digital Health Ventures

Guido Hegener

Managing Partner
Digital Health Ventures
Sara Patti, Head of Healthcare Innovation, Allianz Partners

Sara Patti

Head of Healthcare Innovation
Allianz Partners
Margarita Skarkou, Vice President and Founding Member, Barclays Ventures

Margarita Skarkou

Vice President and Founding Member
Barclays Ventures
Lucanus Polagnoli, Co-Founder, Calm/Storm Ventures

Lucanus Polagnoli

Calm/Storm Ventures


“Some of the key areas that we really have to address to increase our longevity are things like nutrition, exercise, sleep and stress. Unfortunately, a lot of the knowledge in these fields is fragmented. For example, how exactly does exercise impact longevity? We know it does, but we don’t know what forms of exercise are effective – endurance vs high intensity interval training? 10,000 steps vs 4,000 steps? We need a molecular-level of data to increase our knowledge.”

Eric Verdin, CEO, The Buck Institute for Research on Ageing

Industry Stages

Personalisation | Microbiome | Functional Foods

Beauty & Personal Care
Skincare I Hygiene I Nutricosmetics

Technology & Tracking | Sleep | Fitness

Women's Health
Fertility I Menopause I Sexual Wellness

Mental Health
Mental Wellbeing I Digital Therapeutics I Stress

Corporate Wellness
Benefits | Corporate Responsibility

Health Policy
Public Health | Government

Healthspan Show Stages

Who will attend?

Healthspan Show SMEs and start-up consumer brands

SMEs and start-up consumer brands
Nutrition | Beauty | Lifestyle | Fitness | Technology & Tracking | Screening and diagnostics | Mental Health

Healthspan Show Insurance Companies

Insurance Companies
CEOs | Heads of Health & Life | External Innovation

Healthspan Show Direct-to-consumer services

Direct-to-consumer services
Gyms & Health Clubs | Longevity Clinics | Cosmetic Clinics | Private Health & Dentistry

Healthspan Show Formulation & Ingredients

Formulation & Ingredients
Head of R&D | Innovation/Ventures

Healthspan Show Multinational Brands

Multinational Brands
Consumer Health | Big Pharma | Lifestyle, Fitness & Nutrition | Cosmetics

Healthspan Show Professional Services

Professional Services
Law Firms | Consultants & Advisory | Brokerage

Healthspan Show Large Employers

Large Employers
C-suite, | Heads of Corporate Responsibility/Sustainability, Head of Benefits/Wellness

Healthspan Show Researchers & Academia

Researchers & Academia
Schools of Public Health | Health Sciences

Healthspan Show Investors

VCs | Corporate Ventures

Healthspan Show Government & Policy-Makers

Government & Policy-Makers
Dept. of Health | NHS | Public Health bodies

Meet the team

LSX are a global community of senior executives in the healthcare and life science sector. We’re now bringing these ideas, expertise and contacts to the emerging Wellness and Ageing sectors.

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