Who are LSX?

LSX are a global community of senior executives in the healthcare and life science sector. Our history and track record is in connecting senior executives in the life science and longevity space with access to the capital, intelligence, innovation, and partners they need to grow their businesses.

We’ve achieved this through a programme of high-level conferences and networking events, via content that showcases and shares their expertise, as well as through bespoke initiatives like reports, survey and white papers. We’re now bringing these ideas, expertise and contacts to the emerging Wellness and Ageing sectors.

The Healthspan Show sits at the intersection of two massive trends – longevity and wellness. It's a business conference and exhibition for entrepreneurs developing wellness solutions to facilitate ageing well. Joining them will be researchers uncovering new information about how lifelong wellbeing impacts healthspan and lifespan; large corporate organisations tapping into wellness for both product innovation and corporate responsibility purposes; and investors looking to capitalise on two massive intersecting markets.