Beauty & Personal Care

Skincare I Hygiene I Nutricosmetics

Draft agenda - full details to be released in January 2021. 

Monday 10th May

13:00 CET 12:00 BST 07:00 EDT

Live Panel: “Wellness for prevention” - the opportunity for FMCG to deliver population-wide lifestyle improvement


14:00 CET 13:00 BST 08:00 EDT

Interactive roundtable: “Need to know” steps to growing a wellness brand – fund raising, IP, regulation, distribution and marketing


15:00 CET 14:00 BST 09:00 EDT

Ask the investors (Europe)


16:00 CET 15:00 BST 10:00 EDT

Live Panel: Buying into wellness-as-a-lifestyle – what corporates are looking for in a personal care brand


17:00 CET 16:00 BST 11:00 EDT

Interactive roundtable: As beauty and wellness converge, what are retailers looking for?


18:00 CET 17:00 BST 12:00 EDT

Live Panel: Harnessing wellness ingredients for the next generation of beauty and personal care products


19:00 CET 18:00 BST 13:00 EDT

Interactive roundtable: How are consumer beauty and personal care demands changing?


20:00 CET 19:00 BST 14:00 EDT

Ask the investors (US)