Mental Health

Mental Wellbeing I Digital Therapeutics I Stress

Draft agenda - full details to be released in January 2021. 

Friday 14th May

13:00 CET 12:00 BST 07:00 EDT

Live Panel: The responsibility employers have for employee wellbeing, and practical ideas for change in a post-pandemic era


14:00 CET 13:00 BST 08:00 EDT

Interactive roundtable: Workplace policies and practices to improve employee wellbeing


15:00 CET 14:00 BST 09:00 EDT

Ask the investors (Europe)


16:00 CET 15:00 BST 10:00 EDT

Interactive roundtable: Reimbursement and access models for digital therapeutics


17:00 CET 16:00 BST 11:00 EDT

Live Panel: Making mental health services accessible to all – how to combine great business with social good


18:00 CET 17:00 BST 12:00 EDT

Interactive roundtable: Science behind the systems – strategies for proactive mental health improvement


19:00 CET 18:00 BST 13:00 EDT

Live panel: Chasing the mental health unicorn – why VC investment in mental health is growing, and what investors are looking for


20:00 CET 19:00 BST 14:00 EDT

Ask the investors (US)