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Longevity meets wellness

2020 has reminded us of our most precious asset – our health

FMCG, direct-to-consumer health and wellness all have a massive part to play in helping consumers improve their health including better nutrition, lifestyle, fitness, personal care, hygiene, mental and reproductive health.

3000+ FMCG, health and wellness professionals will be at the Healthspan Show in May 2022, and we’d love to see you there!

  • Nutrition - Personalisation | Microbiome | Functional Foods
  • Beauty & Personal Care - Skincare I Hygiene I Nutricosmetics
  • Lifestyle - Technology & Tracking | Sleep | Fitness
  • Women's Health - Fertility I Menopause I Sexual Wellness
  • Mental Health - Mental Wellbeing I Digital Therapeutics I Stress
  • Corporate Wellness - Benefits | Corporate Responsibility
  • Health Policy - Public Health | Government

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