Meet the team

LSX are a global community of senior executives in the healthcare and life science sector. We’re now bringing these ideas, expertise and contacts to the emerging Wellness and Ageing sectors.

Matt Pullan
Senior Vice President, Business Development
Working to deliver value and ROI for our sponsors, partners and supporters across the Healthspan Show, Longevity Leaders and wider LSX portfolios.
Angela Tyrrell
Senior Vice President
Connecting biotech, medtech and healthtech leaders with investment and partners.
Paul Gilbertson
Chief Marketing Officer
Working with data and analytics to improve the customer experience through the planning and development of marketing initiatives to engage the right people, at the right time.
Terry O’Dwyer
Co-CEO & Co-Founder
Founder and CEO of Longevity Leaders, a global network of the most influential business leaders from the worlds of geroscience, business, financial services, technology and the investment community dedicated to extending human health span. In addition, I serve as Founder and co-CEO of LSX - The Life Science Executive Network, an influential community dedicated to help life science leaders access the capital, partners, innovation and ideas they need to grow their businesses.