Elsevier Drug Discovery Today

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Drug Discovery Today delivers informed and highly current reviews for the discovery community. The magazine addresses not only the rapid scientific developments in drug discovery associated technologies but also the management, commercial and regulatory issues that increasingly play a part in how R&D is planned, structured and executed.

Features include comment by international experts, news and analysis of important developments, reviews of key scientific and strategic issues, overviews of recent progress in specific therapeutic areas and conference reports.

Coverage includes:

  • Novel therapeutic strategies
  • High-throughput screening
  • Therapeutic targets
  • Combinatorial chemistry, parallel synthesis and library design
  • Drug delivery
  • ADME/Tox
  • Advances in key compound classes and therapeutic areas
  • Genomics and proteomics
  • Automation and technology
  • Virtual chemistry
  • Informatics
  • Business strategy
  • Clinical trials

and other aspects of drug discovery.