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Non-invasive Breast Cancer screening

Company Presentation

Company Description

We started work on the Braster device in 2007, and the company was established a year later. The Braster In-home Breast Examination System was developed by a number of eminent Polish researchers from the best Polish universities and institutes, headed by Henryk Jaremek, PhD and Jacek Stepień, PhD. They developed a breakthrough method of using liquid crystals and contact thermography for breast cancer diagnostics.

Over the years, our project has substantially changed and evolved. Our mission is to offer women the highest quality, most intuitive device for breast self-examination at home.

Our mission is to fight for a future where women of any age will be able to detect breast cancer at an early stage to increase their chances for less invasive treatment and faster recovery.

To this end, we want to offer all women around the world a possibility to perform an in-home, monthly, non-invasive, and reliable breast examination on their own, in between the regular examinations ordered by the doctor.