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Convergent R.N.R
X-ray focusing technology 

Company Presentation

Company Description

Convergent R.N.R Ltd. (CRnR) is an Israeli Medical Device Company, Developping the Next Generation of Cancer Treatment.

CRnR developed x-ray lens that converge x-ray beam coming out of standard x-ray imaging tubes. CRnR uses low energy x-ray which is two order of magnitude less than any current radiotherapy system. While existing radiotherapy systems are highly hazardous, CRnR introduces much more accurate, almost no radiation to organs outside of the treatment volume, faster, and dramatically less expensive radiotherapy and radiosurgery treatment.

CRnR collaborate with MD Anderson Cancer Center of Houston TX, that performs the medical tests of our technology.

Additional noninvasive applications: Converging-imaging, Denervation, Brain-Disorders, AMD, GNP Radio-sensitization, Mobile Systems (including Off-Road).