Disruptive Virus Technology

Company Presentation

Company Description

Founded in 2015, OncoVITA is an early-stage biotech company developing a disruptive virus technology to treat multiple types of cancer. This proprietary technology is derived from the safe and highly immunogenic measles vaccine virus, which has clinically proven oncolytic potential.

Over 15 years of R&D has allowed OncoVITA to build upon the measles vaccine virus and to bring forward a new virus with even stronger oncolytic properties: MVdeltaC. This candidate proved highly efficient in a panel of pre-clinical studies in vitro and in vivo. Not only does the virus specifically target and destroy cancer cells, but it also has the potential to elicit a strong and long-lasting anti-tumour immune response.

Our initial clinical focus is the ovarian cancer resistant to chemotherapy. This technology, developed at the Institut Pasteur in Paris, has intellectual property protection up to 2033 with possible extensions that OncoVITA’s IP portfolio is building upon.