1:1 Video and In-Person Partnering

LSX is committed to fostering collaboration among all virtual and physical conference attendees. Our goal is for you to establish new partnerships, and find the best connections possible even when face-to-face is not possible.

Video and in-person partnering is supported through a combined content and networking integration of Swapcard and Meeting Mojo. This seamless, web-based combination allows the pre-arrangement of video- and in-person partnering meetings 2 weeks from the event and for the duration of the six days. The same platform integration will also host all streamed content, masterclasses and showcases.

Registered attendees will be able to access their own personal schedule, search attendees’ profiles, request and reschedule meetings with other executives and connect for private and secure 30min video conferencing during the virtual partnering days and meet at privately hosted partnering tables during the physical day.