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2022 Biotech Late Growth Stage (series B+ & public)

Designed exclusively for post-series B and publicly listed therapeutic biotech companies.

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Commercialisation through externalisation: creating new opportunities through strategic partnerships

In order to bring therapies and medicines to patients with unmet needs, forming new strategic partnerships, creating new out-licensing agreements, and even spinning out assets to form new companies, is key. This panel will discuss expanding pipelines and gaining partners through strategically deprioritising assets, either through forming out-licensing agreements or building new companies around a single core asset, along with experience shared from panellists, challenges, and the benefit of biotech’s scouting for assets.

  • How to maximise the value of the alliance for both partners, and reduce the risk of failure
  • Spotting key new opportunities and when to know to spin out and asset, including key risks and challenges
  • Lessons learned and future outlook

Moderator: Madeleine Armstrong, News Editor, Evaluate
Matthias Müllenbeck
, SVP, Head Global BD & Alliance Management, Merck KGaA
Jorge Santos da Silva ,
CEO, MoonLake Immunotherapeutics 
Catherine Pickering,
CEO, iOnctura
Dominique Bridon
, CEO, Diaccurate SA

Madeleine Armstrong, News Editor, VantageMatthias Müllenbeck, SVP, Head Global BD & Alliance Management, Merck KGaAJorge Santos da Silva, CEO, Moonlake TherapeuticsCatherine Pickering, CEO, iOnctura 300xDominique Bridon, CEO, Diaccurate SA

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Navigating Biotech Funding Dynamics: Is Flat the New Up? Shifts in Public and Private Finance

While the S&P index of biotech stocks stabilised in mid-2022 and showing signs of timidly increasing, funding challenges still remain in the public markets and the trickle-down effect remains in the private markets- particularly in later stage funding. A panel of expert investors in private, crossover and public markets debate and discuss:

  • Perspectives on the public markets and impacts its having on private funding
  • What are later-stage investors advising their portfolio and growing later stage biotechs?
  • Strategies to navigate the current volatile market

Moderator: William Hicks, Co-chair Securities Capital Markets Group, Mintz
Tom Burt, Partner, Sofinnova Partners
Wouter Joustra, General Partner, Forbion
Alexandra Taracanova
, Director, Strategic Partnerships, RTW Investments

William Hicks, Co-Chair, Securities & Capital Markets Practice, MintzTom Burt, Partner, SofinnovaWouter Joustra, General Partner, Forbion 300xAlexandra Taracanova, Director, Strategic Partnerships, RTW Investments



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