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2022 Headliner Stage

Innovation across biotech, medtech and healthtech.



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Josh Dance, SVP, LSX
Josh Dance, SVP, LSX


2022 - How Healthcare Innovators Are Weathering Market Conditions

  • Taking a dive below the surface - What are we truly seeing in investment across biotech medtech and healthtech?
  • Life sciences and healthcare in the macro-economic context - What are the drivers outside the industry driving current market conditions?
  • The industry’s response – How are investments and deals being structured differently?
  • How have recent market conditions impacted trends in financing (e.g. earlier partnering, financing and IPOs) and M&A .
Alexandra Zemp, Partner, McKinsey
Joseph Lydon
, Associate Partner, McKinsey
Alexandra Zemp, Partner, McKinseyJoseph Lydon, Associate Partner, McKinsey & Company


Navigating Through And Rebounding From The Downturn – Investment, Financing & Deal-Making In Healthcare In 2023

After the heady days 2020 and 2021, when investment and funding reaching record levels, 2022 has been a different story for the healthcare industry. While the world grapples with macro-economic and geopolitical issues, and post-pandemic recovery, this will be known been the year of the downturn. However, signs of a rebound are emerging, with M&A activity in an uptick with deals more abundant Q2 than during the same period in past years. Though with the public markets downturn comes the inevitable trickledown into private investment and knock-on effects on valuations, and how partnerships, deals and M&A are considered. A multi-stakeholder panel discusses and debates how they see these dynamics evolving and how investors, pharma and other key stakeholders see the dynamics evolving through into 2023 and beyond.

  • How have investor’s strategies evolved across early and late private and public investment vehicles?
  • Trends within the investment industry – private equity and its growing role within life science and healthcare
  • Hopes and expectations for 2023

Moderator: Michael Rice, Founding Partner, LifeSci Partners
Gil Bar-Nahum
, Managing Director Global Healthcare Investment Banking, Jefferies
Geraldine O'Keeffe
, Partner, EQT Life Sciences
Andrew Levin
, Managing Partner, RA Capital Management
Tim Haines
, Managing Partner, Abingworth Life Sciences

Michael Rice, Founding Partner, LifeSci Partnersgil_bar_nahumGeraldine O’Keeffe, Partner, LSPAndrew Levin, Managing DirectorTim Haines, Chairman & Managing Partner, Abingworth LLP


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