45-minute lecture-style masterclass workshops hosted by an expert partner.


45-minute lecture-style masterclass workshops hosted by an expert partner.

11:00 - 11:45 - IPO Preparedness 

Hosted by:  Cooley Logo

IPO Preparedness Masterclass: Navigating the Current Landscape – Recent Experiences From The Front Line
This masterclass will discuss the preparation necessary to go public and operate as a public company and how life sciences companies can best position themselves for the IPO market return. The panel will share their experiences of taking multiple European life sciences companies public in the US.
The session will consider the key IPO preparedness topics, including:

  • Financial statement requirements
  • Shareholder approvals and pre-IPO corporate reorganisation steps
  • Corporate governance practices and board appointments
  • Preparation for due diligence
  • Drafting the business section of the F-1

The panel will consider real-life examples and experiences, including:  

  • Key areas for boards and management teams to focus on ahead of an upcoming IPO
  • The critical path – overall deal timing, major pinch points and best practices
  • How companies can get themselves in the best possible position to be ready for an IPO 

Div Gupta, Partner, Cooley  
Claire Keast-Butler, Partner, Cooley 
Kinam Hong, Partner, Crossover Strategy, Sofinnova Partners  
Marc de Garidel
, CEO & Interim Board Chair, Abivax

Div Gupta, Partner, CooleyClaire Keast-Butler, Partner, CooleyKinam Hong, Partner, Crossover Strategy, Sofinnova Partners  Marc de Garidel, CEO & Interim Board Chair, Abivax


12:00 - 12:45 - Licensing & Partnering 

Hosted by:  Baker McKenzie Logo

The Licensing & Partnering Masterclass will delve into the key considerations, challenges, opportunities and tactics when considering a licensing or partnering deal. It will explore models, the cope of licences and key success factors when entering into agreements.   

Julie Yeni, Partner, Baker McKenzie 
Hiroshi Sherato
, Partner, Baker McKenzie 
Oren Livne
, Partner, Baker McKenzie 
Julia Schieber
, Partner, Baker McKenzie 

Julie Yeni, Partner, Life Sciences, Baker McKenzieHiroshi Sheraton, Partner, Baker McKenzieOren Livne, Partner, Baker McKenzieJulia Schieber, Associate, Baker McKenzie


13:00 - 13:45 - M&A

Hosted by:  Latham & Watkins Logo

The session will discuss key considerations and potential issues and processes to think about when preparing a company for M&A, including:  

  • Timelines 
  • Initial considerations 
  • Vendor due diligence 
  • W&I insurance 
  • How to how to maximise value on exit 

Robbie McLaren, Partner, Latham & Watkins 
Samantha Peacock
, Associate, Latham & Watkins 

Robbie McLaren, Partner, Latham & WatkinsSamantha Peacock, Associate, Latham & Watkins