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2022 Medtech & Healthtech stage

Designed exclusively for medtech & healthtech companies.



Medtech Investment Dynamics - Pragmatic advice and optimism for 2023?

With a record-breaking benchmark set in 2021, are the slowing IPOs, M&As and a muted performance in SPACs an accurate portrayal of a seemingly quieter MedTech market? A panel of MedTech investors discuss how the current landscape will inform investment in 2023 and how MedTech companies can prepare for the year ahead.

  • How are macro factors (geopolitics, ESG, supply chain, inflation) influencing investment decisions, what does this mean for MedTech companies?
  • Are timelines for securing investment lengthening and, if so, why? How does this differ between early and late-stage funding, across Europe and the US?
  • With money becoming less of a commodity, what markets and device types are receiving attention from investors and how can companies build robust pitches to attract investment?

Moderator: Giles Hamilton, CEO, ODx Innovations
Joachim Rautter
, Managing Partner, Peppermint Venture Partners
Rebecca Todd
, Investment Director, Longwall Venture Partners
Vivien de Tusch-Lec
, General Partner, RYSE Asset Management

Giles Hamilton, CEO, ODx InnovationsJoachim Rautter, Managing Partner, Peppermint Venture Partners GmbH 300xRebecca Todd, Investment Director, Longwall Venture PartnersVivien de Tusch-Lec, General Partner, RYSE Asset Management

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Investment within Digital Health & Healthtech: Reviewing the success, growth and funding

  • Evaluating the year so far- How does early-stage investment compare to late-stage investment?
  • Have the regulatory advancements in Europe affected investment activity in the digital therapeutics and digital health space?
  • How do we make Europe a destination of choice for VC Start-up scale up?
  • Contrasting US and EU investment landscapes: Looking at the differences, US have higher valuations, raise a lot more capital. Why is that?
  • Are we now beyond the hype? The adoption of AI and machine learning in healthcare

Moderator: Tina Tan, Executive Editor, FirstWord HealthTech
Catherine Boule
, Managing Partner, Karista
Rabab Nasrallah, Investment Associate, Earlybird Health
Vijay Barathan
, Partner, Optum Ventures
Guillem Masferrer
, Investment Director, Asabys

Tina Tan, Executive Editor, FirstWord HealthTechCatherine Boule, Managing Partner, KaristaRabab Nasrallah, Investment Associate, Earlybird HealthVijay Barathan, Senior Principal, Optum Ventures 300xGuillem Masferrer, Investment Director, Asabys


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