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2022 Startup Stage

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Designed exclusively for pre-series A biotech, medtech or healthtech companies.



Investing in the Future of the European Life Sciences: Maintaining Global Leadership and Expanding Abroad

At the forefront of breakthrough treatments of disease, life science business rely tremendously on funding and capital. The discovery and development of new drugs, vaccines and cell/gene therapies have placed life sciences at the frontier of responses to global challenges and new investments. These include the increasing access to digital health, ageing populations and the provision of sustainable healthcare.

  • With the advent of newer fund managers with strong life science pedigrees to both the UK, and Global Investor Ecosystems, what are the impacts on investments both home and abroad?
  • How can funds work to support the next generation of biotechs and founders?
  • How can new fund managers work collectively to ensure the longevity of investment in life sciences worldwide

Moderator: Laura Lane, VP - Venture Sciences (Europe), Eli Lilly and Company
Anne Horgan
, Partner, CIC
Marion Bernard
, Chief Investment Officer, Northern Gritstone
Owen Smith
, Partner, 4BIO Capital

Laura Lane, VP Venture Sciences - Europe, LillyAnne Horgan, Partner, Cambridge Innovation CapitalMarion Bernard, Chief Investment Officer, Northern GritstoneOwen Smith, Partner, 4BIO Capital

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The Promise of Late-Stage Neuroscience Assets and What This Could Mean for the Financing Landscape of Early-Stage CNS Companies

Recognition that ageing populations will give rise to new healthcare needs and heightened awareness of mental health issues are bringing renewed focus to neurological health. Dementia is the most common degenerative neurological condition in the United States, with most cases coming from Alzheimer’s disease. In 2021, 653 clinical development programs for medicines to treat neurological diseases, 43% of which are for neurodegenerative medicines. On top of this, recent advances in genomics and immunology and new diagnostics and surgeries, are unlocking radical progress in neuroscience this decade akin to the genomics revolution of the past two decades.

  • Where are the current areas of highest unmet need in neuroscience? Has the pandemic affected how neuroscience assets are viewed?
  • How have recent advancements, developments and work towards long-elusive approvals in NGD reframed the landscape?
  • Which new innovations in biotechnology are fuelling novel drug discovery and development in neuroscience and how is this affecting allocation of capital?
  • How are funds being restructured and what new funds are helping to accelerate this new wave of advancements?
  • Which new innovations are fuelling novel drug discovery and development and how is this affecting allocation of capital into the space?

Moderator: Jenny Laird, VP, Search & Evaluation, Eli Lilly and Company Limited
Olivia Cavlan, Chief Corporate Development & Strategy Officer, Alchemab
Felice Verduyn-Van-Weegen, Partner, EQT Group
Hugh Nuthall, Senior Director, Search & Evaluation Neuroscience, Eli Lilly and Company
David Reynolds
, CEO, LoQus 23

Jenny Laird, VP Search & Evaluation, LillyOlivia Cavlan, Chief Corporate Development & Strategy Officer, AlchemabFelice Verduyn-Van-Weegen, Partner, EQT GroupHugh Nuthall, Senior Director, Search & Evaluation Neuroscience, Eli Lilly and CompanyDavid Reynolds, CEO, LoQus 23

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