Cellestia Biotech

Cellestia Biotech 300x

Presenter: Gaudenz von Capeller, CFO

Market/Indication: Patented small molecule drug with an innovative mode of action targeting NOTCH-driven cancers, and providing hope for patients with no other treatment options.

Funding Stage: Early Growth

Development Stage: Phase I

Location: Switzerland

Cellestia is giving hope to cancer patients who have no other treatment or therapy options. Our drug discovery platform, built on a unique mode of action and together with companion diagnostics, is a first-in-class solution for orphan cancers such as cancer of the salivary gland and childhood Leukaemia. At the same time, we are continuing to expand our portfolio through targeting large cancer indications such as breast and colorectal cancers.

Cellestia is a privately-owned clinical-stage biopharma company led by an experienced team of scientists, drug developers and business professionals. We are providing hope for thousands of cancer patients and their families.