Macrophage Pharma

Macrophage Pharma

Presenter: Søren Bregenholt, CEO

Market/Indication: Immunotherapy small-molecule drugs targeted to cells of monocytic origin

Funding Stage: Series A

Development Stage: On the Market

Location: United Kingdom

Macrophage Pharma Ltd is a private UK based biotechnology company founded in 2016 focused on treating human disease by reprogramming macrophage function through transcriptional reprogramming and targeted drug-delivery leveraging its proprietary Esterase Sensitive Motif™ (ESM™) platform.

Our proprietary ESM™ is a unique and validated technology platform for delivering active drugs into macrophages and dendritic cells with exquisite specificity resulting in better pharmacology, efficacy and safety for first-in-class drugs against validated targets and biology as well as novel, first-in-class targets.

Macrophage Pharma has a strong IP position with multiple granted patents and applications covering concept, composition of matter and medical use. Both the ESM™ platform and individual assets are protected by a raft of global patents which Macrophage continually seeks to broaden to ensure a long lifecycle.

Macrophage Pharma has a highly experienced Board and Advisory Board, including world class immunologists and oncologists and Management bringing a strong entrepreneurial track record from the biopharma industry across a broad range of disciplines. Investors include corporate and specialist healthcare venture capital investors including 6th Element Capital, Aglaia Oncology, M Ventures and Novo Seeds.