If you need a unique digital health solution and want to make better use of big biomedical data, MediSapiens, an industry-leading Bio-IT company, can help. With our adaptive technology platform, we create unique solutions for each of our customers around the world.

Improving human and veterinary health

MediSapiens’ need-driven approach gives you the power to improve human and veterinary health – using integrative multi-omics analysis, automated diagnostic workflows, and empowered precision medicine programs – quickly, cost-effectively and with minimum development risk for you.

You can trust the powerful combination of our adaptive technology platform and our dedication to human and veterinary health to help you make novel discoveries, innovations, products and services. We’re building solutions for future health today.

Our commitment to customer focus helps us grow.

Built on science and research

MediSapiens was founded in 2009 by researchers of the Finnish Institute of Molecular Medicine, and today has offices in Helsinki, Finland and Cambridge, MA, USA. We have a strong scientific background in bioinformatics and genomics. Everything started with IST Online: The world’s largest unified gene expressions database, full of curated, integrated and harmonized data to be used by scientists for health discoveries.

Ever since we started, the underlying goal of MediSapiens has been to facilitate the use, analysis and interpretation of biomedical data by powerful digital and data technologies with the help of visual, intuitive web-based user interfaces. This sentiment has enabled us to grow and expand our services and solutions across life science and biomedical businesses and research.

With the rapid increase in the availability, use and digitalization of genomic, multi-omic and biomedical data for new health innovations, MediSapiens continues to develop new solutions for all aspects of biological sciences.