Our Mission is to stop global medicine shortages so that every patient gets the treatment they need.

Everything we do and believe in revolves around eliminating medicine shortages and saving patient lives.

We target the source of the medicine shortage, not who it impacts. By predicting when shortages will occur, we can offer actionable insights and solutions to avoid the shortage, and enable continuity of treatment for patients who would otherwise be at risk of unmet medical needs.

Medicine shortages are, and have become a complex global issue, creating difficulties for healthcare professionals with risks to patient safety. Bottom line? People’s lives are being put at risk because of medicine shortages, and there is evidence that shortages are worsening with time.

Effectively planning for, and managing drug shortages remains a challenge due to the varying factors that could result in a shortage. Every shortage is different in size, scope and significance. Causes are several and multidimensional in the context of a complex global supply chain.

We bridge the shortage gap with insight and forecasting to minimise shortage impact through AI and Machine Learning solutions