Quercis Pharma AG is leveraging its novel antithrombotic platform to deliver innovative, safe, and broadly accessible treatments to patients with potentially life-threatening conditions.

Our focus is on prevention of venous thrombosis and pulmonary embolism in high risk cancer patients with our drug candidate ISQ950AN, containing our patented Isoquercetin formulation.

The safety of our investigational drug has been proven in various studies, with no serious side effects having been identified, in particular our drug shows no increased bleeding risk.

A clinical Phase 2 study has shown that ISQ950AN reduced hypercoagulability in cancer patients at high risk for thrombosis with an improved benefit/risk ratio.

Our novel pathway is based on a new mechanism of action, in order to arrest and/or reverse platelet aggregation with a profile that conveys vastly lowered bleeding risk compared to current standard of care.

We control both the raw material production and the Active Performance Ingredient (API) manufacture for our investigational drug ISQ950AN through our subsidiary Quercegen Pharmaceuticals LLC., making Quercis the world’s biggest manufacturer and distributor of pure Quercetin that is GRAS (“Generally Recognized As Safe” by FDA).

The humanitarian aspect of the Company is to look at global disease dangers in less privileged populations and to work with Governments and NGOs to improve healthcare in countries where they find it difficult to pay for development or production of new drugs to combat critical health threats (such as Ebola and Zika Viruses).