East To West Capital Flow Will Asian Investment Continue To Buoy European Life Science Investment


Chinese investment has been an increasingly significant contributor to US and European innovation, though many other Asian investors are also becoming significant players in the life science investment landscape.

In a year where the pandemic has disrupted the world and normal international travel and business, and we have seen local Asian companies making waves in science, innovation and the financial markets, how and in what ways could those investment dynamics change?

  • With healthcare coming even further to the fore recently, how have the investment appetites and capital available for global investments from Asian investors changed in 2020?
  • Can we expect more or less international investment in favour of funding burgeoning local innovation? Is Europe still considered a sweet spot?
  • Are the capital flows and dynamics from Europe and the US to Asia also evolving?

Olivier d’Arros, Managing Partner, Mavie Technologies (moderator)
Marietta Wu, Managing Director, Quan Capital
Rocky Shen, Executive Director, Zhejiang United Investment Group
Amy Tang, Venture Partner, Qiming Ventures

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