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Achieve your investment, partnering and business development objectives with the RNA 1:1 partnering system. 

Partnering goes live 3 weeks before the event.


What is 1-2-1 partnering?

We understand the importance of helping you develop and maintain relationships. Whether you’re looking for new strategic partnerships, searching for companies with similar interests or meeting with current and potential clients, with our partnering system you can secure the meetings you want face-to-face.

Our Web and App-based platform, allows you to schedule, move and confirm meetings ‘on the fly’, your partnering experience will be transformed!

The partnering system will go live with your profile filled in from up to 16 data points collected during registration, allowing  you to search for potential investor, partners and clients, and book meetings with qualified matches in the extensive 1-2-1 partnering area. 30min meeting slots can be arranged throughout the day in private booths with fellow attendees, arranged up to 3 weeks in advance of the event.

How it works

Investival Number 1 BlueUpdate your profile

Your profile will be filed in with the data points collected during registration. Complete your profile with a photo and review your account
Investival Number 2 BlueSearch the attendees

Search the full attendee list by company, geography, therapeutic area and much more to find your perfect matches and send meeting requests.
Investival Number 3 BlueCreate your schedule

Keep an eye on your inbox and accept meetings to create your bespoke meeting schedule.