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Track 3 - Live Stream

Companies and Agenda


Presenter: Tim Dyer, CEO 

Market/Indication: Neuroscience & CNS - novel small molecule allosteric modulators for neurological disorders.

Funding Stage: Listed 
Ticker: SWX:ADXN

Development Stage: Phase I | Phase II | Phase III

Location: Switzerland 

Track: Track 3 

Time: 10:30

Initiator Pharma-671894-edited
Presenter: Claus Elsborg Olesen, CEO

Market/Indication: Novel treatment of erectile dysfunction for patients noneresponsive to current drugs

Funding Stage: Listed 
Ticker: Spotlight:INIT

Development Stage: Pre-Clinical | Phase I

Location: Denmark 

Track: Track 3 

Time: 10:45


 Gunilla Oswald, CEO

Market/Indication: Neuroscience - Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and Complete Spinal Cord injury

Funding Stage: Listed 

Development Stage: Pre-Clinical | Phase I | Phase II

Location: Sweden 

Track: Track 3

Time: 11:00


Presenter: Franck Mouthon, CEO

Market/Indication: CNS - symptomatic relief in Narcolepsy, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and Neuropathic Pain

Funding Stage: Listed 

Development Stage: Pre-Clinical | Phase I | Phase II

Location: France

Track: Track 3

Time: 11:15


Presenter: Yochi Slonim, CEO 

Market/Indication: Translation control therapeutics. Novel platform to visualize and specifically control the synthesis of target proteins

Funding Stage: Early Growth 

Development Stage: Drug Discovery

Location: Israel 

Track: Track 3

Time: 11:30 


Presenter: Pierre Vandepapelière, CEO

Market/Indication: Auto-immune diseases - type 1 diabetes, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis

Funding Stage: Early Growth

Development Stage: Phase I

Location: Belgium 

Track: Track 3 

Time: 11:45

AdAlta Black-945035-edited

Presenter: Sam Cobb, CEO

Market/Indication: Fibrosis and next generation antibody drug discovery focused on GPCRs and ion channels

Funding Stage: Listed 
Ticker: ASX:1AD

Development Stage: Drug Discovery | Pre-Clinical

Location: Australia 

Track: Track 3

Time: 12:00


Presenter: Sten Sörensen, CEO

Market/Indication: Thrombosis-related cardiovascualr diseases 

Funding Stage: Listed 
Ticker: Spotlight:CRNO B

Development Stage: Phase II 

Location: Sweden 

Track: Track 3 

Time: 12:15

ASIT Biotech

Presenter: Everard van der Straten, CFO

Market/Indication: Immunotherapy products for the treatment of allergies

Funding Stage: Listed 
Ticker: EUR:ASIT

Development Stage: Pre-Clinical | Phase II

Location: Belgium 

Track: Track 3

Time: 13:30


Presenter: Julian Howell, CEO

Market/Indication: Prescription treatments to free people from pain and risk of kidney failure associated with rare genetic condition cystinuria.

Funding Stage: Seed

Development Stage: Pre-Clinical  

Location: UK 

Track: Track 3

Time: 13:45


Randolph Hubbell, CEO

Market/Indication: Novel biologic accelerating and enhancing healing in bone and soft tissue.

Funding Stage: Early Growth

Development Stage: Phase III

Location: PA, USA 

Track: Track 3 

Time: 14:00

Leon Nanodrug

Presenter: Michael Mehler, CEO 

Market/Indication: Reformulation of estalished products using nanotechnology. Not limited by disease areas.

Funding Stage: Early Growth

Development Stage: Pre-Clinical | Phase I | Phase II | Phase III

Location: Germany 

Track: Track 3

Time: 14:15


Presenter: Gregory Lambert, CEO

Market/Indication: Microbiome based approaches to regulate appetite - obesity and metabolic diseases.

Funding Stage: Growth

Development Stage: Phase I | Filing / Regulatory Approval | On the market

Location: France 

Track: Track 3

Time: 14:30

Ori Biotech-236008-edited

Presenter: Farlan Varaitch, CEO

Market/Indication: Cell and Gene Therapy manufacturing

Funding Stage: Early Growth

Development Stage: In development

Location: UK 

Track: Track 3

Time: 14:45

Bioxis Pharmaceuticals-327444-edited

Presenter: Frédéric Bertaina, CEO

Market/Indication: Medical device and biotech solutions, dermatology

Funding Stage: Early Growth

Development Stage: In development

Location: France 

Track: Track 3

Time: 15:00