EU Deal of the Year

The Award - EU

This award recognises companies that have executed a truly transformational and high value creating deal for both the company and the wider industry. The deal could be a licensing agreement, asset acquisition or a creative alliance or partnership.

Judges paid particular attention to:

  • Amount and series/type of funds raised.
  • Process/speed/allocation fulfilment of securing significant new funds.
  • Level/reputation of new investor(s) attracted.
  • Post-finance allocation/use of proceeds.
  • Level of value creation/value realisation from raise. 

Company Description  

Hookipa Pharma

Hookipa Pharma Inc. is a clinical stage company developing products to prevent and cure infectious diseases and cancer. With this goal in mind we created unique and cutting-edge technologies which reprogram and stimulate the immune system.

Our Arenavirus technologies, Vaxwave®, a replication-deficient viral vector, and TheraT®, an attenuated replicating vector, induce potent pathogen-neutralizing antibodies and CD8+ T cells. Both, Vaxwave® and TheraT®, can be administered repeatedly while maintaining their efficacy. TheraT® induced CD8+ T cell responses to tumor antigens reach frequencies and potencies matching or exceeding those observed after adoptive T cell therapy. Hookipa’s “off-the shelf” viral vectors are administered systemically. They target dendritic cells in vivo and activate the immune system. In immune-oncology, this mechanism enables to fight solid tumors systemically, both primary and secondary (metastatic).