Female Founder


This award recognises the achievements and contributions of a female or non-binary founder of a company that has successfully launched and incorporated during the qualifying period and personally has shown superior leadership, vision and inspiration or transformational outcomes for their business and sector as a whole. It is open to founders of European life science companies only.

Qualifying criteria

  • Must be a Founder of a private company
  • Must have founded the company within the period between 1 October 2020 and 1 October 2021
  • Must be a company with European headquarters

Judges will be paying particular attention to:

  • What the founder's greatest achievements were in this period
  • Creation of non-transactional / financial outcomes / opportunities
  • Creation of new partnerships / leveraging existing partnerships
  • How has the founder created value for stakeholders and investors
  • Examples of overcoming adversity
  • What the founder has done to influence and advance female entrepreneurship in their sector
Before entering the nomination site please ensure you have:

1. Selected the most appropriate category(s) you'll be entering and check for validity of entry
2. Identified your lead applicant / internal champion who will respond to any correspondence from the ELA team
3. Pre-prepared your submission in accordance with the category criteria, spending time crafting your detailed submission.
4. A company logo and your website URL that you can upload alongside your submission