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IPO Of The Year-2

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This award recognises a company that has successfully completed a significant, impactful or transformational IPO on any international exchange.
It is open to European life science companies only.

Qualifying criteria

  • Must be a public company
  • Must have raised the funds in the period between 1 September 2021 and 1 September 2022
  • Must be a company with a European headquarters
  • Must be an IPO (primary, up-listing or dual-listing) NOT a secondary placement or follow-on 

Judges will be paying particular attention to:

  • Amount of funds raised
  • Process / speed / allocation fulfilment of securing of significant new funds
  • Level / reputation of new investor(s) attracted
  • Post-finance allocation / use of proceeds
  • Level of value creation / value realisation from raise
Before entering the nomination site please ensure you have:

1. Selected the most appropriate category(s) you'll be entering and check for validity of entry
2. Identified your lead applicant / internal champion who will respond to any correspondence from the ELA team
3. Pre-prepared your submission in accordance with the category criteria, spending time crafting your detailed submission.