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Pharma BD Team Of The Year-1


This award recognises the business development team from a pharma or large cap biotech company that has excelled in sourcing, executing and delivering extraordinary and transformational deals that created significant value for consumers, company and shareholders.

Qualifying criteria

  • Open to all pharma companies and large cap large cap biotech companies with a market capitalisation that is $10bn or above.
  • Open to all business development teams or cross-company teams on a specific deal/project
  • Criteria relates to the period between 1 September 2021 and 1 September 2022

Judges will be paying particular attention to:

  • Quality and volume of deals completed 
  • Achievement of milestones and goals and the overcoming of obstacles
  • Uniqueness or novelty of deal strategies/terms and structure
  • Strength of team leadership and culture
  • How alignment across parties was achieved
Before entering the nomination site please ensure you have:

1. Selected the most appropriate category(s) you'll be entering and check for validity of entry
2. Identified your lead applicant / internal champion who will respond to any correspondence from the ELA team
3. Pre-prepared your submission in accordance with the category criteria, spending time crafting your detailed submission.