150 Finalists Over 18 Life Science Award Categories

Finalist Scoring

  • Each finalist will have their written submission reviewed and scored by our judging faculty. A total score of up to 50 points can be earned based on the relevance to the criteria placed against each award category.
  • The scores from each judge are tallied and a total aggregate score attributed to each finalist in each category.
  • The finalist with the highest score in each category will be crowned the Winner. The finalist with the second highest score will be presented with the Highly Commended accolade.

Additional Points Allocation

  • Each finalist is allocated a region based on their geography at time of submission. The regions are as follows:

    • Benelux - Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg
    • DACH - Germany, Austria and Switzerland
    • Mediterranean - France, Israel, Italy, Spain and Portugal
    • Nordic - Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden
    • UK & Ireland - United Kingdom and Ireland
  • Each Region will have approx. 28 finalists on the night from its constituent countries. Countries are not guaranteed an equal number of finalists.

  • In addition to the judges scores providing an absolute Winner and Highly Commended in each category, the finishing position of each individual finalist based on the aggregate scores of the judging faculty will carry a points scoring as follows:

    • Winner - 12 points
    • Highly Commended - 10 points
    • 3rd place - 8 points
    • 4th - 10th place - 5 points (4th - 5th place if only 5 finalists)
  • Between each award category presentation, these points will be tallied to provide a running scoreboard of the regional positions of this year's finalists. Over the course of the evening expect to see Regional positions switch as each category is presented.
  • In addition to the Judges scores, a 72hr community vote will be held pre-ceremony where public votes can be cast against the Regional finalists. A weighting of 20% of the total votes will be attributed to this and added to the Judges scores.
  • A Regional Champion will be crowned once all categories have been presented and scores allocated and the public votes taken into consideration.
  • A Region leading after the Judges votes may still be overtaken if the public vote swings in another regions favour.

The combination of individual scoring and regional scoring provides a truly unique experience for a life science industry awards ceremony and allows finalists to celebrate and cheer for more than just the category they are nominated in. The awards help build regional pride and celebrate collective success.