Longevity Leaders

Ageing Well

What is it?

How we age is being reshaped. We want to work for longer, but more flexibly. We want products to facilitate ageing better but not “old person products.” We want at-home care rather than care homes. We want the benefits of digital enabled social tools but not at the expense of face-to-face contact. We want to proactively manage our health and finances pre- and post-retirement. But the world of consumer products and services is yet to catch up, still preferring to target younger but generally poorer customers.

Ageing Well brings together start-ups, investors and corporates developing the products and services to facilitate ageing well. It explores where the market opportunities lie, strategies for gaining user critical mass and disruptive new business models within ageing.

Ageing Well enabling the Longevity Economy

Who is it for?

• Age Tech start-ups innovating ageing products and services

•> Investors looking for new innovations within ageing well

• >Life and health insurers concerned with preventative healthcare

• Consumer health companies looking to access ageing customers

• Health and care providers

• Housing providers and developers

• Retail banks and financial services with products for older demographics

• Consumer companies looking to adapt to an ageing customer