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etc.venues 200 Aldersgate, London
February 4, 2019

Longevity Leaders Conference

08.00 Arrival & Welcome
Coffee, refreshments, pastries, 1-2-1 meetings and networking.


09.00 Opening remarks: Why Longevity Leaders? Why now?
Terry O’Dwyer, Founder, Longevity Leaders

09.20 Keynote Panel Discussion: The Future of the Science of Aging
  • What are the new frontiers in the biology of aging and the future of longevity science?
  • What are the limits of treating aging as a unitary disease? What are the key success factors?
  • How can technology and industry collaborations drive successful outcomes in longevity science?

Aubrey de GreyCSO, SENS Research Foundation and VP, AgeX Therapeutics
Michael West, CEO, AgeX Therapeutics
Alex Zhavoronkov, CEO, Insilico Medicine

10.00 Investor Keynote: Navigating the valley of death and reaping the longevity dividend

  • Discoveries in aging biology are ready for acceleration to the clinic, where they can treat age-related disease and extend healthy lifespan. However, they must face the challenges of the ‘valley of death’ in funding, capital market vicissitudes, company creation and growing pains. Apollo Ventures is one of the leading investors in these technologies, and will share their vision of how investors can drive the industry forward and reap dividends for all.

James Peyer, CEO, Apollo Ventures

10.15 Keynote Panel Discussion: Realising the potential of the Longevity Industry Revolution
  • What are the partnerships needed to create value and maximise the commercial and business opportunities of longevity?
  • How can technology collaborations drive successful outcomes in healthcare delivery?
  • How can insurers rise to the challenge of balancing longevity risk and opportunity?
  • What are the business model innovations in R&D, Care, Consumer and Financial Services necessary to ensure success?
  • How can we reimagine our workforces and workplaces in an age of longevity?

Eric Kihlstrom, Tech entrepreneur, Former Interim Director, Healthy Ageing Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund
John Godfrey, Head of Corporate, Legal & General
James Peyer, CEO, Apollo Ventures 
Sergio Ruiz, Managing Director, Methuselah Fund

10.50 Networking & Coffee Break


Delegates have the opportunity to join a roundtables/forum on a specific longevity theme, challenge or opportunity.


Round table leaders and invitation-only forum participants include:

  • Joe Tighe, Head of Strategic Development, Benevolent AI
  • Joanne Hackett, Chief Commercial Officer, Genomics England
  • Chas Bountra, Pro-Vice Chancellor for Innovation, University of Oxford; Chief Scientist, Structural Genomics Consortium
  • Eric Kihlstrom, Tech entrepreneur, Former Interim Director, Healthy Ageing Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund
  • Steve Hill, Member Board Of Directors, Life Extension Advocacy Foundation / Lifespan.io
  • Tina Wood, CEO, Collider Health
  • Anna Dixon, CEO, Centre for Ageing Better
  • Mark Hammond, Founder, Deep Science Ventures
  • Luca Tres, Head of Life, Securis
  • Tristan Edwards, CEO, Life Biosciences Inc
  • Lynne Cox, University of Oxford
  • Matthew Scholz, CEO, Oisin Biotechnology
  • Mark Allen, CEO, Elevian
  • Michael West, CEO, AgeX Therapeutics
  • Joseph Antoun, Chairman  & CEO, L-Nutra
  • Thomas Hughes, CEO, Navitor
  • Peter de Keizer, CEO, Cleara Biotech
  • Sergio Ruiz, Managing Director, Methuselah Fund



R&D and Geroscience innovation
How can we accelerate R&D and the advancement of new therapies to address ageing and age-related disease?


Tech, Data and Disruption
How can enabling tech like AI, big data and multi-omics revolutionise pharma drug development and commercialization business models?


Retirement living
How can we creating the homes, design, technology, products and services for the older demographic


Neuroscience and Brain Health
How to advance treatment and development of technologies to tackle cognitive decline, depression and enhance brain health?


 Consumer innovation
How can consumer product/service strategies be reimagined, redesigned and rebranded to better serve the ageing population?



Reimagining Retirement Finance and Security
How can the financial products, retirement savings and pensions schemes needed to meet the needs of longer living populations be achieved?


Precision medicine and Genomic promise
How can we further advance diagnostic and precision medicine technologies and solutions?


Connected Health and Care
How can apps, technology, products and services enhance cognitive function and life long learning?
How can technology enhance connections in aging populations?


Work and Purpose
How do we shape a productive workforce and design a suitable workplace in the longevity age?


11.45 Break-Out Group Discussions

Delegates stay on their roundtable groups. Each group to address the following question:


Questions to consider:
  • What does success look like?
  • What are the barriers?
  • Where are the gaps and opportunities for products and services?
  • What is the role of financial service providers?
  • What are the best policy prescriptions governments should focus on?
  • How can different stakeholders collaborate more effectively?

Each group feeds back in the last 15 minutes


1h 45m discussion. Limited to 20 persons, Chatham House Rule applies.

The format is:

  • 2 x Scene Setting Presentations (20min)
  • 3 x case studies
  • (40 min)
    General Discussion (45 min)


How can we effectively move from treatment to prevention? What are the connected and digital solutions that will prevail?


How can companies and pension funds derisk from longevity? What are the best new ideas to manage longevity risk?


How can biotechs addressing ageing and age-related disease access capital, partners and technology to advance their pipeline? What are the alternative financing tools? What are the latest innovative deal making strategies?

12.45 Lunch 


13.45 Geroscience megatrends and the future of gerontology
Joao Pedro de Magalhaes, Scientist & Futurist, University of Liverpool

14.00 Fireside Chat: Unlocking the value of human longevity

14.20 Panel Discussion: Data and Disruption
  • What will be the role of AI, machine learning, Blockchain, IoT, and other disruptive tech in solving the grand challenges of longevity? How can new data tools accelerate progress?

Joe Tighe, Head of Strategic Development, Benevolent AI
Andrew Fried, Life Sciences Global Industry Leader, IBM


13.45 Presentations from CEOs of companies leading the charge in developing therapeutics, diagnostics, products or services to address the challenges of ageing.

Mark Allen, CEO, Elevian
Peter de Keizer, CEO, Cleara Biotech
Michael West, CEO, AgeX Therapeutics
Joseph Antoun, Chairman & CEO, L-Nutra
Thomas Hughes, CEO, Navitor


16.00 Networking & Coffee Break

16.15 Keynote Fireside Chat

16.35 Closing Keynote Panel: The Investment Opportunity: How can investors reap a longevity dividend
Sergey Young, Founder, Longevity Vision Fund
Xinhong Lim, Partner, Vickers Venture
James Peyer, CEO, Apollo Ventures

17:15 Closing Remarks


Details coming soon.


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