Longevity Trends 2020 Report

How longevity is disrupting the world across health, science, business, technology and financial services.

This report captures Longevity Leaders' extensive research into this space, including the most important longevity trends of 2020 that businesses, policy makers, scientists and the general population need to be aware of.

Highlights include:

  • How to prepare for a multi-generational workforce, by Yvonne Sonsino, Mercer

  • The investment landscape for ageing therapeutics, by Sergey Young, Longevity Vision Fund

  • The history of research into the biology of ageing and where the gaps in our knowledge lie, by Eric Verdin, Buck Institute for Ageing Research

  • Consumer trends driving the preventative wellness market, by Angela Tyrrell, Longevity Leaders

  • How the longevity risk transfer market is changing, by Victoria Sander, Latham & Watkins

Plus debates on investment in Age Tech, the rise of the superfund, tackling clinical development challenges within ageing science and the impact of scientific, medical and socioeconomic trends on life expectancy, featuring S. Jay Olshansky, Aubrey De Grey, Keren Etkin, Joan Mannick, Dominic Endicott and more.

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