New Perspectives from Financial Service Leaders on Longevity

One of the biggest stakeholders that must rise to the new challenge of extended health span and lifespan is the financial services industry.

  • How will insurers and the financial services sector respond to the looming pension crisis?
  • How can they better de-risk from longevity?
  • How can they create the models that will more accurately define trigger events and balance mortality risk with longevity risk?

As part of our mission to share the best ideas in the world of longevity, I am delighted to bring you the insights in this white paper, which shine some light on how a few of the most important leaders in financial services are approaching this issue.

Contributors include:

  • Douglas Anderson, Founder, Club Vita
  • Jennifer Donohue, Director, Algorithm and Extremal Consulting
  • John Godfrey, Head of Corporate, Legal & General
  • Luca Tres, Head of Life, Securis Investment Partners

The white paper has been put together in the run up to the Longevity Leaders Conference on 4 February in London - www.longevityleaders.com