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The London Summit

The convergence of a number of mega trends in life science and technology is the catalyst for a new industry…

The Longevity Leaders Congress will connect leading global minds in life sciences, academia, tech, government and the investment community to discuss how the grand challenges of Longevity can be tackled, and how the significant opportunities created by the convergence of megatrends in life sciences and technology can drive the birth of a new trillion dollar industry - Longevity.

The 'Grand Challenges' in focus:

The Geroscience Challenge:
Accelerating R&D to enable the eradication of age-related disease and cracking the code to treat aging as a unitary disease.

Business Model Innovation Challenge:
How pharma and business leaders can adapt their business models to capitalise on the revolutions in P-Medicine, AgeTech advances and the economic drivers of aging populations

The Technology Challenge:
Realising the potential of new AgeTech possibilities and the power of artificial intelligence and blockchain in healthcare and drug discovery

The Investment Opportunity:
How can the longevity dividend be reaped, and how can we shape the emergence of novel financial systems

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