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How do I make the most of my experience at the Longevity Leaders World Congress?

Take a Longevity Masterclass - Take a deep dive into longevity with an interactive masterclass on Monday 20th April.

Address a major longevity issue with an expert in the field

Leave with a clear strategy for how to tackle your thorny problems

Build the relationships you need to make it happen

Pre-Event Longevity Masterclass - Monday 20th April


Registration opens

Masterclass 1: Preparing your team for a longevity risk transfer
Designed for corporate pension sponsors and trustees thinking about initiating a bulk annuity or longevity swap
• services landscape
• internal team structural requirements
• cost analysis
• possible pitfalls to be aware of

Masterclass 2: Steps to setting up a biotech in ageing
Designed for aspiring and early-stage biotech entrepreneurs
• “how to” spin innovative research out into a biotech company
• IP protection
• establishing a leadership team
• strategies for early fund raising



Masterclass 3: Using design-thinking to innovate for an ageing customer
Designed for corporate product and marketing teams
• who is the ageing customer?
• what are their needs?
• how to best serve them
• product and marketing campaign design

Masterclass 4: Investing in the age of longevity
Designed for investors
• how to tap into the longevity opportunity including biotech and Age Tech
• key players
• possible pitfalls
• market projection