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Magnitude Biosciences 300x

We are a specialist Contract Research Organisation (CRO) who use customised C. elegans studies, powered by a unique automated imaging technology, to help biotech and pharma companies navigate drug development faster and access rich, reproducible data early on in the drug discovery process on how their compounds impact the healthspan (not just lifespan) and quality of life of whole organisms. We are also enabling these drug discovery organisations to reduce their reliance on rodent and other mammal testing, creating ethical benefits while also saving time and money. Our team of biological R&D experts ensure from project design through every step of delivery, each C. elegans study specifically addresses the research questions that underpin your key business objectives. Our key research area capabilities include early preclinical drug discovery projects, microbiome, ageing, longevity, neurodegeneration and neurodegenerative diseases, environmental toxicity, reproductive toxicity, and C. elegans transgenics.