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For the first time in human history the diseases that come as a consequence of simply getting older - such as cancer, heart attacks, stroke, and dementia - outweigh infectious disease as mankind's largest killers. New insights into the basic biology of aging, the major cause of all of these conditions, have led to multiple new approaches for fighting today's most deadly diseases.

Scientists are already creating new therapies to treat, delay, or even prevent these terrible diseases, allowing people to live healthier, longer lives. Apollo helps scientists and entrepreneurs build biotech companies with innovative strategic pathways to bring the first real medicines treating the damage of aging to patients.

We take the long view in creating the next generation of medicines. If an invention or therapy is just becoming ready to be accelerated to the clinic, Apollo serves as a strategic partner to scientists, helping them take their first steps as a biotechnology company. We help build great teams and leverage our network in the scientific and entrepreneurial communities to make sure our companies succeed.

"Apollo is committed to help fund and translate the incredible emerging longevity science and technology opportunities into real-world benefits. Only recently have the incredible efforts of a few scientific, Pharma, and business leaders converged to create a path forward for these potentially world-changing medicines. As such, we are delighted to be partnering with Longevity Leaders to bring together this important congress in London."
James Peyer, CEO, Apollo Ventures