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Global population is rapidly aging as fertility declines and life expectancy increases. According to the United Nations Population Prospects, in 2015, 12% of the global population were aged 60 or over and by 2050, 22% of the global population is projected to be aged 60 or over. This is anticipated to grow in the decades following and by 2100, old people will constitute about one-third of the global population.

With an increasingly aging population comes an increased incidence of age-related disease and ill health. The increasing burden of age-related diseases places an unbearable load on the system of healthcare. The imbalance between a productive workforce and people who become dependent because of age-related disability represents a major challenge for the global economy.

Health is the most important aspect of remaining productive and contributing to socio-economic development. We believe that, by supporting the creation and implementation of new biotechnologies aimed at bringing the aging processes under medical control, we could potentially help millions of people remain healthier for longer, and have happier and more productive lives.